The Masculine Side to Femininity and Vise Versa

My goal within this photo essay is to show that gender can be shown in a variety of ways through individuals who may be portrayed differently in society for who they are. Throughout this essay, Noah, sets stereotypes, breaks taboos, and shows the more delicate side to a man. Ashley, sets an unreachable limit of attainability for setting her feminine beauty standards high, and her non-conforming masculine look breaks a boundary, previously unattainable. From myself, today is a time of breaking many standards set by society generation after generation. Conformity is naive, meanwhile, uniqueness shows is individualism and a free expression.

Masculine Male

Above: First and foremost, Noah is pictured to be a masculine male, projecting an outward image towards his audience. As one of my models, Noah took a strong stance with the masculine stereotype. His outfit choice is simple, yet complex enough to show his stature. Also, the miscellaneous objects such as the vape and smoke give him a mysterious approach. This is gendered because in a stereotyped society a masculine man would be expected to be rebellious, breaking taboo’s such as the tattoo on Noah’s right arm.

Feminine Female

Above: Next, pictured is Ashley, representing a feminine female. Going along with gender, Ashley has her makeup done. Also, a feminine trait that I have seen broadly is the look of “duck lips.” As one of my models I had Ashley portray a more broadly feminine approach to her look. Looking evermore glorious, this puts a sharp turn on the term “beauty.”

Feminine Male

Above: Representing my feminine male is Noah. Here, he is breaking many gender stereotypes. First, and most obvious, is the magnificent pink fur coat Noah is wearing. Also, a light pamper of makeup making his face settle and picture perfect. Compared to the first picture of Noah, the Masculine Male, the taboo shown here is the piercing of his ear. This is breaking feminine standards for men.

Masculine Female

Above: Representing the masculine side to femininity, Ashley is breaking stereotypes with her rambunctious, lively, and smooth style. One norm Ashley seems to break is her outfit choice, which fits her sweetly. Also, compared to the Masculine Man photo of Noah, she has broadened her stance making herself more noticeable with a look of determination. Simultaneously, the landscape and background is rugged and fun, making the attitude of the whole photo light up.

All Together, We’re All the Same

All in all, gender can be seen in many varying ways. Hyper feminine looks compared to hyper masculine looks are all too different from one another. They are showing stature to beauty, beauty to neutrality, and neutrality to a form of uniqueness found within every individual. Whether you represent gender in a stereotyped way or break the social norms daily, it dutifully leads us into a greater direction towards acceptance.

3 thoughts on “The Masculine Side to Femininity and Vise Versa”

  • You show great examples of the fluidity of gender, and your post shows a real purpose with all the photos being linked. You show how inaccurate the perceived binary of gender is, and you do it really well. I think both of your models look good whether they are dressed more masculine or more feminine. You show how we should just let people be who they are and dress as they wish.

  • I really enjoyed how you framed each picture with a specific category of your models doing gender. The masculine male one definitely gives me Guyland vibes that begin to demonstrate the portrayal of young men in the world and what they produce to be expected of them. I also liked how you tied up the end of the essay with the fluidity and a set up to the spectrum of gender.

  • I really like your portrayals of people challenging the stereotype. We usually don’t consciously choose to do gender we just do. But with these images you can begin to frame a world in which a binary is obsolete and people can embrace the fluidity of what gender really is.

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