Drag Artist Interviews

This dataset consists
of 30 transcripts and audio files
of interviews with drag artists
about with their personal story with drag
and their ideas about drag.

I taught Sociology of Drag in Spring 2019 at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. As part of the course, my students each interviewed a drag artist. These were semi-structured interviews that used a common set of questions we developed as a class.

The first file below is a Word document containing transcripts of these 22 interviews, along with an appendix with the survey instrument. The second file is a PDF version.

You can go to https://ezratemko.com/category/drag/drag-artist-portrait/ to find links to each individual interview, which include audio files of the interviews. There is also a link to the webpage where the audio file can be accessed at the beginning of each transcript in the database document.

This is a public dataset – we collectively went through the Institutional Review Board process and our research participants consented to the interviews and to the transcripts being published.

In Spring 2020, my student Destiny Baxter conducted eight additional interviews with drag artists, using the same survey instrument, and intentionally reaching out to drag artists that would expand the diversity of representation in our dataset. The third and fourth files contain those eight interview transcripts, in .docx and .pdf forms respectively.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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