Gender through styles and self identity.

Are specific clothing items truly limited to one gender or can anyone take on a style of their own. challenge the way fashion and queer being is presented in everyday life.

His best smile

I was in class one day, me and my friend were discussion reasons why he doesn’t smile, his response was that Masculine men don’t smile. Then he smiled.

Leg up on Competition

I originally bought these heels as part of a halloween costume, i went as a nurse. i never really planned on wearing them after, but then i thought to myself why not challenge what people think male footwear can be. pair with my knee high socks and boom a look.

Dress for less

Donned one of my nicest dresses for a performance pieces in response to Trumps Military Ban. performed in front of crowd for 3 nights. Even though i identify as a Cis gay male , that doesn’t stop me from channel the energy of my brothers and sisters to fight.

Dress for less 2

Another performance pieces, but this time it was about colorism. Although it didn’t call for it, i enjoy being a queer person of color and inserting issues in my community into my art.

Shots of Empowerment

I asked my Brother to shine a light on what it means to be Trans male and the process it takes to be 100% yourself. He was happy enough to let in on one of his testosterone sessions. taking the steps neccessary to being his true self, his true gender.

3 thoughts on “Gender through styles and self identity.”

  • First off, I love the heels and knee highs! Challenging the binary takes creativity, soul, charisma, and courage. All of these things working together to construct a new way of thinking about what it takes to be a woman and what is takes to be a man.

  • I really admire how all of the pictures here show men challenging or “undoing” gender. We so often talk about what women do to become more masculine and really challenge the connection between sex and gender, and challenge the binary. Your photo essay shows the other side of the gender struggle, where men do not feel they can express emotion or dress in a more “feminine” way. Women are given the opportunity to dress in “masculine” ways all the time. I find it very important that you centered the expression of gender on men challenging norms.

  • This was a great insight to show how gender is not only expressed in only two ways. Also, thank you to your brother for letting you take a picture of a significant moment in his day to day life. P.s Cute shoes

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