“Doing Gender” on Movie Covers

This movie cover is representing a heterosexual relationship as the woman poses smiling and looking into the eyes of her man. While the man is looking back at her while having his hands around her waist.
In this movie cover you can see women posing in a masculine way with guys, while looking tough. Usually it is common to see women posing in feminine gestures while trying to look gentle and attractive.
This is a great example of women doing gender in a movie cover. They are looking feminine while proving their feminism. By the way, they are dressed and posing with a serious face to get a point across.

Looking at this cover the first thing you see is Beyoncé posing in minimal clothing and holding a gun while holding an attractive gaze. The way she posing and is dressed compared to the men in the photo is a way to make her more the center of attention and for buyers to be more interested in watching the movie. Which would also be a great example of the male gaze.

This is a great example of undoing gender in a cover. Deadpool is posing similar to how women pose in movies and in Ads in general. It shows the idea of how women are often shown posing in odd positions because of it being “attractive” but when men are shown doing those poses it shows how ridiclous it is to have women look a certain way in the media.

3 thoughts on ““Doing Gender” on Movie Covers”

  • I love that you went with showing gender in movies. I feel like a lot of the time we dont notice gender in everyday lives so we dont notice it in the media we watch either. I love the Deadpool one for undoing gender, if i remember correctly they did things like that in the actual movie as well. Only downside is they are doing it to be funny when inreality “undoing” gender shouldnt be comical

  • I like how you focused on one aspect of media with movie covers. With the deadpool one, I like how they drew attention to the undoing of gender in reference to female poses.

  • I really like the connections you made with the movie covers! “The Heat” movie cover is one that definitely stood out to me the most. I remember watching the movie and thinking how most movies with these two actresses are not presented as masculine. But in this case, the whole movie put on the portrayal that two women were capable of doing and being anything, especially anything a man was capable of!

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