Ezra J. Temko

You can find links to my faculty webpage, publications, and social media accounts at: https://linktr.ee/ezratemko

I live in Edwardsville, Illinois, where I am an applied political sociologist at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. My husband Drew is a nurse and our son Lev is in 3nd grade.

Research: I study the change-making world of cultural politics, specifically with practical implications for changing symbolic politics, addressing structural power, and realizing social justice.

Teaching: I teach to build human capital through transformative learning, to empower students on their pathways to reach their potentials, and because our society needs sociology.

Advocacy: I am committed to working towards a world filled with loving-kindness; implicit in this vision are communities that respect and uplift and work to prevent and end suffering. I am passionate about politics as an avenue for creating social change towards this end.