Ezra J. Temko

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Research: I study the change-making world of cultural politics, specifically with practical implications for changing symbolic politics, addressing structural power, and realizing social justice.

Dissertation (2019): Navigating the Path to Presence: Ideology, Politics,
and the Campaign for Gender Balanced Boards and Commissions in
Journal article (2019): Missing Structure: A Critical Content Analysis of
the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

Journal article (2010): Democratic governance and civic health in
Newark, Delaware: A case study.

Master’s analytic paper: Democratic Institutions Create Civic Health:
How local jurisdictions can enhance their problem-solving capacities
through inclusive governance, including a case study of Newark,

Teaching: I teach to build human capital through transformative learning, to empower students on their pathways to reach their potentials, and because our society needs sociology.

Courses I’ve taught at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville,
University of New Hampshire, and Great Bay Community College:
Advanced Data Analysis; Introduction to Ethnography: The World of
Work; Creating Social Change; Internship in Sociology; Power,
Cognition, and Political Participation; Private Troubles, Public Issues:
Contemporary Social Problems; Society and Technological Change;
Sociology; Sociology of Community Action; Sociology of Drag; Statistics;
Survey of Theory

Advocacy: I am committed to working towards a world filled with loving-kindness; implicit in this vision are communities that respect and uplift and work to prevent and end suffering. I am passionate about politics as an avenue for creating social change towards this end.